What is Baemail?

Baemail stands for before anything else mail. It is the inverse of spam. It is a way to send and receive messages between paymails.

How To Get Started:

To use Baemail, you need a verifiable identity with Moneybutton.

  1. Add BitCoinSV to your wallet.

    1. For a quick start, the All Aboard Faucet will send you some for free. Simply add your moneybutton paymail, which by default will be your user id with domain appended. eg. 12345@moneybutton.com

    2. Earn BSV with UptimeSV* or FiveBucks*

    3. Buy BSV with Gravity* or BC Bitcoin*

What’s Baemail good for?
  1. Proof of worth. Your Baemail inbox is sorted by highest value. It presents you with messages which are worth your time, removing distractions.

  2. Evidence - Public or Private. When you send a baemail, there is an immutable record of existence on the BitcoinSV blockchain.

  3. Protecting your time. As a receiver, you can ignore, delete, and even block baemails from certain addresses, as well as filter your inbox to a minimum amount.

The average modern professional spends over 11 hours per week on emails. Each day on average we receive 100, open 20, and click through 3. As the highest ROI medium for marketers, entry to your inbox should not be free. Baemail allows you to define the value of your attention, and protect your time.


Baemail encrypts your message using the public key of the receiving paymail. Two things will be burnt to the blockchain: the encrypted data, and a sha256 hash of your message data. Only the sending or receiving paymail can decrypt the message. You can prove the baemail is authentic by checking the signature and paymail are valid. This makes Baemail ideal for contracts, private discussion, and secure sharing of information.

This website uses localStorage rather than cookies to keep track of the app's state. Things like draft baemails, login codes, and which items in your inbox have been seen already. None of this information is used for any purpose other than improving your experience of Baemail.

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