The average modern professional spends over 11 hours per week on emails. Each day on average we receive 100, open 20, and click through 3. As the highest ROI medium for marketers, entry to your inbox should not be free. Baemail allows you to define the value of your attention, and protect your time.

What is Baemail?

Baemail stands for before anything else mail. It is the inverse of spam. It is a way to send and receive messages between paymails.

What’s it good for?
  1. Proof of worth. Your Baemail inbox is sorted by highest value. It presents you with messages which are worth your time, removing distractions.
  2. Evidence - Public or Private. When you send a baemail, there is an immutable record of existence on the BitcoinSV blockchain.
  3. Protecting your time. As a receiver, you can ignore, delete, and even block baemails from certain addresses, as well as filter your inbox to a minimum amount.

When set to private, only a hash of your message will appear on chain. The message itself can only be read by your moneybutton account, but you can still prove it was sent by later referring to this hash. This makes Baemail ideal for contracts for freelancers or business partners.

All Public Baemails, Ordered by Value:

Please note: Your default paymail is the only one you can use right now, until moneybutton expose more of their api for a multiple paymail inbox.

Questions, Tips:

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