Your Inbox: Your Rules

Baemail is designed to protect your time and improve the quality of your professional communications by harnessing Inbox Economics.

Inbox Economics

Baemail users can send messages with either a payment: Pay or a costly signal: Boost

Therefore, to protect your time as a recipient, you ought to set a threshold for the minimum you are willing to accept in each case. This means messages which do not meet this minimum will simply be ignored.

You may also want to ensure that your regular inbox is notified when you recieve a message over a certain value with Email Notifictions.

What is Pay?

Baemail Pay allows you to send money to the person you wish to contact as a way to directly pay for their reading time.

What is Boost?

Boost allows you to purchase Proof of Work from miners, by having it applied to your messages as a costly signal to the recipients.

This means the reciever gets the signal, rather than a payment from you. The value is spent on proof of work which ensures the signal is costly rather than value simply being transferred between individuals in a non-costly way.

What is Sell?

Baemail Sell allows you to request money from the recipient of your message, which they can either choose to accept by decrypting it, or deny by simply ignoring or archiving the offer.

Email Notifications

  • Link your email address so when you receive a Baemail, we can let you know.

Your Profile

Baemail uses your public Roundesk profile to clarify to recipients who is reaching out to them.

Set one up now to enrich your Baemail experience.

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