Email Notifications:

This allows you to leave baemail safe in the knowledge that if someone reaches out to you through Baemail, you will get an email to your regular inbox which lets you know. This will be necessary as we make the transition to Baemail as the main platform for communication, as at first you may not have many contacts who also use Baemail. Set notifications at a threshold so that you are only notified by Baemails which are worth your atttention.


One email address per user only.


Paid Content Distribution:

You can make money with Baemail by creating valuable content, and releasing it via Baemail to a select audience.

The concept is such that you can pay for positioning in a recipient's inbox. It is up to them whether they want to then decrypt your content, and pay the requisite fee for doing so. This means you must be careful who you send paid content to, ensuring it is relevant to them and they are likely to want to buy it. Otherwise, you may pay to send them the Baemail, and get nothing in return.

Please note: Your default paymail is the only one you can use right now, until moneybutton expose more of their api for a multiple paymail inbox.


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